Parklive is a free, family friendly community event produced by SourceFM


The New Season is Upon Us!


Lovely performance!


Parklive 2020 Dates

Sundays - 12 to 6pm on ...

 April 26th

May 31st

June 28th

July 26th

August 30th

September 27th

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Saturday 28th July saw the first trial of broadcasting Parklive 'Live' on our Youtube channel.  The  broadcast was done via 4g, so bandwidth not as good as we will achieve in future (hence blurry pictures) - Gives a feel of the day though!

Enrole as a Potential Artist

Follow the above link to register your interest in playing at Parklive

New Posters in New Locations

Parklives Sam Bradbury puts up the new posters in the new locations!

Special Thanks to.....

The Big Beautiful Bunting Company for supplying their stunning bunting for all the Parklive Shows! Click here for their Facebook page! - Great for your event!!

Our lovely Posters.....

Our lovely posters are designed by Sam Bradbury. Click on the link to admire his other work!


We did manage to get some good 'mixed for broadcast' recordings. We also got some great video! You can listen to / watch them here

The Parklive Story

Parklive was conceived in 2013. It started as a result of SourceFM's desire to support the Kimberley Park Association 's fund raising for the new playground....

A New Stage For Kimberley Park

Falmouth Town Council are in the process of building a new stage for Kimberley Park which shoule be ready to use by the end of June 2019 

Architects Impression

Drone image of the construction process

Pictures of the nearly complete new stage embrace our lovely old one!

Parklive is a community event conceived and managed by Source FM, Falmouth and Penryns Community Radio Station

A Studio-35 Production

The 2019 Sponsors.....

Parklive exists in part due to the generosity of our sponsors who kindly donate funds to help with the running costs of the shows. Their logos are below.