What is Parklive?

ParkLIve is a series of 6 unique, acoustic, free, daytime, live-music and performance events from inside Kimberley Park on a regular Sunday afternoon, for 6 consecutive months throughout the spring and summer each year. Parklive showcases the range of creative talent living in the Falmouth area. The event is a community-centred, open and accessible activity for local families, residents and visitors to attend. We especially aim to provide activities for younger people and audiences to take part in through initiative such as the ‘Acoustic Music and Storytelling Tent’, ‘Circus Skills’, ‘Theatrical Performances’ and ‘Art Workshops’.

The Parklive Story

Parklive was born as a result of some other events in the Kimberley Park.

Some years ago, the Kimberley Park association asked Source FM’s Simon Neild (of the Inside Local Music show) if he could arrange a couple of acts to support a fundraiser to help raise money for the new playground in the park. 

The event worked well and raised significant funds, and as such we decided to organise music for the ‘Big Cream Tea in the Park’ event, another fundraiser.

Jules Kay (the head Gardner for the Park) took an active and very important role in bringing this together. Due to the success of this we did another the next year.


Jules and Simon were so excited about the potential of this that they had a meeting at which Jules said ‘ We need to keep doing this’ and Simon said ‘ Yes.. Let’s do Six a year!’

They took the idea to the Source FM station manager who was completely in favour of the project and came up with the brand name of Parklive, and the rest, as they say, is history!

The biggest issue for a community radio station, with virtually no funds, when putting on such a show, is how to we pay for it.  All the acts and crew who participate in the event do so for FREE!

We have been very lucky in getting sponsorship from Falmouth Town council, Townsend Accommodation, Falmouth University and Feast Falmouth Town Council have been amazing in the fact that not only do they support us, but provide the stage as well!

Sadly we did not have enough to do the six shows, so we decided to hold a raffle and hope it bought in enough money to ensure we could afford the whole six shows of the series.

The prizes are usually donated by cornishfoodmarket.co.uk, Great Shakes, Miss Peapods (and more here)

And as it happened, the Falmouth community were fabulously generous in buying tickets and as such we were able to deliver all 6 shows!

Next year we are planning another six, and with this in mind are actively courting sponsors to help us to make it a big success.

Parklive is now run by a small group of volenteers who are all Source FM presenters. Click here to meet them!


Pictures of 'The Big Cream Tea in the Park

Pictures of 'An Afternoon of Music in the Park'