Technical Specification - Help

This page has been setup to offer help in the completion of and an explanation into why we need the 'Tech Spec' form .  The form should not take long (depending on how many players) and the following is for people unfamiliar with computers.


We very much appreciate the fact that you are supporting Parklive, and in return want to try to make it the best possible experience for you and anyone who may be performing with you.  The form is broken down into four sections as follows:-

Personal Details

We need these for publicity, and also to be able to keep in touch with you regarding any potential changes that might happen (such as possible cancellation due to bad weather)

Social Media / Complience

Having your social media pages helps us to learn about you and your work. Our curator and sound team like to be prepared and ensure they understand how you wish to portray yourself. These boxes must be either left blank of completed in line with the notes below (See Setup notes below).

The ones that must be ticked are the compliance section headed 'Please tick all boxes to confirm...' etc

Technical Specification

This section is designed to let the sound team know exactly what your requirements are. Please can you enter the names and instruments clearly and add any notes that might help.

Please complete one section for each member of the act.

Final Notes and SEND

Finally you have the ability to write any general requests or concerns that might help us to ensure that your experience is a good one!

On completion please click send. You will be given the following message if all goes ok

If the Send fails, you will will see no message at the bottom, however, if you scroll up the page you will see a message under the line that has a problem as follows:-

Setup Notes

Most of the form is self explanitary so this section just deals with how to copy your Facebook and web details to the form. It talks about Facebook, but the process is the same for any web page.

First access your Facebook page.

Then Click on the bar at the top

Highlight the text from the https:// to the end of the line

Right click on it and select copy or press CTRL+C (Windows)

Then Access the Tech Spec form

Select the Facebook section of the form

Either Right Click and select PASTE or type CTRL+V and the address will appear on the form

Repeat this technique for each web page you wish to share with us.

If you get stuck, please call Simon Neild on 07977431128 for help.