August 2018 - The Acts

Parklive - Sunday August 26th 2018 - The Acts

Sam Bradbury (Lokey - 12:30)

A mix of alt indie pop from a bedroom. Playing solo, in an electro fuzz 'pro skub' outfit called Butterfly Knife and grunge folk accompanied on viola.

Band Members

Sam Bradbury

Martin Coote

Cally Gibson

Paul Anthony

Matt Collington

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MCMC Spoken (Lokey - 13:25)

Host of the Lokey Marquee, Megan will be introducing the acts and performing her own original poems.

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RUMBA DIABLO  (Redwood - 12:00)

RUMBA DIABLO is a percussion based band specialising in authentic Afro-Cuban Son, Rumba, pagode Samba and Cumbia.

Rumba Diablo love performing at events of all sizes and also share their enjoyment of authentic Afro-Cuban rhythms at workshops and master classes.

With it's roots in folkloric percussion Rumba Diablo has grown to include top-class musicians playing guitar, flute and saxophone.

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TRIO GWELHELLIN  (Redwood - 12:55)


…is the collective adventure of three very different musicians:

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (Melody Maker Top Soloist) Jonathon X Coudrille,

Guitarist and Vocalist Anthonius Apple

and, Percussionist and Drummer Dangerous David Painter

who together create an irresistible performance drawn from their international musical experience.

Expect: Vintage and thoroughbred Melodies, turbocharged Harmonies; eco-hybrid Rhythms, high-powered Jazz, three-speed Waltzes, torquing Blues, well-oiled Duchy and Western, high-octane Urbane-and-Eastern,  high-mileage Gypsy songs of the road, growling Boogie-Woogie, Torch Songs with a brand new battery and, Original Reflections in the Mirror of Time.

Mr. Coudrille: Guitar, Trumpet, 7 string Banjo, Balalaika, Piano and Vocals

Mr. Apple: Guitar, Banjo, Piano and Vocals

Mr. Painter: Percussion, Washboard, train-whistle and Kit

With skill, gravitas and occasional hilarity they splice their widely varied roots to conjure at times a surprisingly Classical heredity

“Clever and entertaining” (St. Ives Festival)

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BLAZING TINGLES  (Redwood - 13:50)

The Blazing Tingles are a Jazz Duo with many years of involvement in the musical industry between them.

It has been said that their music is both bryte and vibie!

The players are Steven and Louise.

Steven is a very long serving guitar player who has visited a multitude of genres in his lifetime and is now comfortable settled into this wonderful jazz formula.

Louise is a multi instrumentalist whose talents include flute, synths, trombone, clarinet, guitar, percussion, violin and singing.

The Blazing Tingles write all their own material.

Their debut performance was at Falmouth's Music on the Moor for Falmouth Week where they were exceptionally well received!

Seth H (Poetry) (Lokey - 13:25)

A lovely session of poetry

Liam Ó'hannagáin (Lokey - 15:30)

A naturally talented singer / songwriter with an exception 'stop you in your tracks' voice.

Well woth a listen!

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Kelsey Michael  (Redwood - 14:55)

I write songs and song landscapes that conjure up West Cornwall and Penzance where I live, and perform them with bassist Alisdair Stirling and Greg Dyer on percussion.

My background is Jazz, theatre music, alternative pop and lots of different influences. I am trying to write songs for the here and now that resonate with others shared experiences by holding small things up to the light.

Every experience in Cornwall is coloured by the landscape and its chameleon nature, one minute dark and brooding, the next shimmering golden and blue. I hope to have captured some of that.


Started singing as a theatre performer. Formed Minnow as a songwriting vehicle in 1995 with wonderful improvisers John Edwards (bass), Mark Sanders

(drums), Liam noble and Dean Brodrick (keys), Richard Sanderson (toys etc), Gail Brand (trombone), John Telfer (saxes), Kay Charlton (flugel). Released 'Minnow' on oddo and 'Out of the Woods' on Stereolab's label Duophonic. Played in London till 2003 when moved to Cornwall with my partner and children. Have worked in the past with The High Llammas, Jocelyn Pook, and briefly with the The.

Dancer and singer with Pendeen based Shindig cloggers.

Founder of Fruit tree Songwriters night at The Acorn Penzance, celebrating great local songwriting.

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Larry's Guest Combo (Lokey - 16:40)

Juan Graterol y su Conjunto Gozón  (Redwood - 16:00)

Juan plays the cuatro venezolano and sings traditional Venezuelan songs learned from his grandmother in Caracas

Band Members

Juan Graterol - cuatro venezolano and vocals

Richard Evans - trumpet

Simon Evans - cajón and percussion

Mike Hopwood - maracas and guitar

David Ellis - double bass

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Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump  (Redwood - 17:20)

Based in Cornwall, Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, an 8 piece band (2 trombones, 2 trumpets, a Sousaphone, 2 drumkits and a rapper) that draws from different genres to create a great night out. Best served with beer.

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