September 2018 - The Acts

Parklive - Sunday September 30th 2018 - The Acts

Minty Hindu  (Redwood - TBA)


5 teens jammin' in Cornwall hoping to make and play great music!

Band Members

Lead Singer: Kerenza Pickett

Lead Guitar: Jamie Sandland

Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals: Rowan Heaton Cahill

Bass Guitar: Merryn "Mez" Frampton

Drummer: Issac "Ike" Webster-Bidder

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Paul Simmons  (Redwood - TBA)

f you want your songs performed in a traditional format of emotive live piano/vocal harking back to the singer/songwriters of the 70's with subject matter as diverse as being the midlle generation between children and older parents, self harm, dementia, love and lost love in middle age (yes it happens) and songs about nature, consumerism and walking all washed down with a healthy dose of humour, cynicism, positivity and self deprecation then I am the artist for you.


BIG NEWS. New album is out in February. 10 songs with a diverse array of subject matter such as walking, nature, self harm, dementia, falling in and out of love in one's 50's, love for family generations below and above. Beautifully produced by James Merryweather and using local musicians like Gareth Lee, Martin Skews, Jules Berry and Vic Aboudara. More info and soundbites to come.

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Liam Hannagan - (Redwood - Introducing - TBA)

Very talented local singer / songwriter. A most dynamic performance.

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Floralyn George  (Redwood - TBA)

A Dreamy Electro Pop Singer/Songwriter, Producer and a Model who plays the Electric Harp based in the UK. I like showing how cool and fashionable the harp is in the way I use it in my music and lifestyle. My life it’s all about MUSIC. Although, I am just 21, I’ve already lived in 3 different countries and I’ve performed on 3 continents including more about 8 countries.

My audience always tells me how mesmerising my music is and how uplifted they feel when seeing me live. In my mind I always imagine things like being in another world whilst bringing everyone else with me on a journey. It’s like a dynamic feeling of waves full of emotion

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Mog Jones (Redwood - TBA)

Mog Jones is a singer/songwriter from the west country. With country, electronic and glam-rock influences, it is hard to pinpoint her genre. All you really need to know is, the ULTRAHONEY is coming.

Band Members

Lead: Mog Jones

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Tiger Tales - (Redwood TBA)


The Tiger Tales play an eclectic mix of original music, performing their funky/rocky/bluesy songs with an element of humour and familiarity, having lead singer Niki at the helm, who delivers with a powerful prowess.

Band Members

Niki - vocals

Jem - guitar

Sarah - bass

Kev Kev - drums

Andrew - guitar


Folk, Rock, Blusey ballads,

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Horses on the Beach  (Redwood - TBA)

‘Horses On The Beach’ are six soulful human beings making music for fans who want to simply get down, bop and dance to some beat driven, funk-inspired tunes.

Five soulful geezers creating funk for fans who want to simply get down, bop and dance to some beat driven tunes.

Falmouth, UK.

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